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Latour gets festive for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday," and is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday each year, as the Christian Lenton season begins and extends through Easter. During Lent, many Christians "give up" certain things, and a fasting period, where richer, fattier foods are replaced with a leaner, more restrictive diet. The traditional foods that surround this festive holiday have a French-creole inspiration, along with a Louisiana-cajun influence, and of course, King’s cakes!

So, why is there a baby inside the cake? There are many stories to be told, but our favorite says that a baker named Donald Entringer was approached by a traveling salesman with an offering of small porcelain dolls, which he reluctantly purchased in bulk. He then began baking the dolls inside his King Cakes, and when he ran out of the ceramic babies, he continued the New Orleans tradition by placing plastic babies inside the cakes, and the bakery continues to do so today.

Since King’s Cakes have grown so much in popularity, we at Bagatelle Bakery will be celebrating this festive tradition all month long in February, serving both French and Louisiana-style King’s Cakes. The traditional French style Kings Cake is a round, puff pastry tart with almond cream “frangipane” and raspberry jam. Our 12” French style Kings Cake is $28.10. We will also have a Louisiana style Kings cake, which is a crown shaped brioche with strawberry or apple flavor, iced with Mardi Gras colors, topped with masked cookies and beads, and if you’re lucky, a baby! This 12” cake will be selling for $19.44.

Our chefs at Two Olives have been diligently working on a French-Creole inspired menu we will feature on Fat Tuesday, with Happy Hour specialty food, along with the signature Hurricane cocktail, and don't forget the King's Cake! With all the amazing Mardi Gras dishes, we couldn’t just celebrate one day, so we will be adding a very festive approach to our Sunday brunch, February 23, 2020.

Our Sunday brunch will feature specialty dishes, including a crawfish and shrimp boil, fried catfish and okra, cajun roasted chicken, quiche with braised collard greens, cajun pork loin with sweet potato hash, and cajun rub roast beef. We will have a Cajun Bloody Mary on special all day Saturday and Sunday, selling for $8.00. We will also be serving King’s cake, both traditional Frenc and Louisiana. Pricing is $22 for adults, $20 for seniors, and $12 for children 12 and under.

We will be hosting the Southeast High School Band fundraiser again this year, helping to raise money for their trip to Normany, France. The SEHS band was selected to play in the Memorial Parade for the 76th Anniversary of D-day this coming June. A portion of the proceeds from the brunch buffet will go to the Southeast High School band.

Fat Tuesday is the final day of the Mardi Gras season, and we at Two Olives want to celebrate this season. We will feature a festive Mardi Gras-themed Happy Hour from 3-7 p.m., with our favorite New Orleans dish, crawfish, and baked ham and cheese French-style crepes. We will be serving one pound of cajun-boiled crawfish at $12/lb. Our specialty happy hour cocktail menu will feature the traditional Hurricanes, along with a few other festive drinks. For dinner, we will have a pan seared gulf fish with red pepper risotto and lemon dill asparagus. Dessert will include both French and Louisiana-style Kings Cakes, chocolate beignet, crepe suzette and fresh banana bread budding. All day specials will include a crab and corn bisque, muffuletta sandwiches, and a warm shrimp and spinach salad with balsamic bacon vinaigrette.

Put on your purple, gold and green, grab your friends and your beads, a mask if you like, and come join us in the festivities!

Bagatelle’s King’s Cake menu will be available for order all month, call to order your festive cake today-


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