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Thanksgiving Baked the Right Way at Bagatelle

There’s no denying that the turkey meal, and all of the “fixings”, is the star of Thanksgiving. You’ve been in the kitchen cooking since the crack of dawn. Nothing is going to stop you from hosting a feast your guests will rave about for years.

So we wonder, why then, would you supplement this hard work, and home-cooked magic, with packaged bread and desserts? You shrug your shoulders, and say “well, c'est la vie”…

Meanwhile, at Bagatelle, we’ve also been up since dawn; mixing, shaping, decorating, and baking our own home-cooked magic. Crusty breads and soft rolls are coming out of our hearth oven, lovely cakes and petit fours are carefully decorated, and the smell of pies fills the entire neighborhood.

So, while some hosts shrug their shoulders in despair, some hosts proudly pass around the breadbasket and wait with bated anticipation until dessert, so they can shout “Voila!”, and unveil a spread of jaw-dropping desserts.

We are proud to unveil this year’s Thanksgiving Menu

Included you will find our signature specialties:

  • Pies, including pumpkin bourbon maple syrup, spiced fresh apple, sour cream apple, lemon meringue, pecan, chocolate pecan, chocolate cream and coconut cream

  • Sweet delights, including pumpkin cheesecake, caramel cheesecake flan, apple caramel streusel, ,and a full spread of cookies and petit fours

  • A full menu of seasonal artisan breads and rolls

  • Full turkey dinner with all of the fixings!

We're also unveiling some brand new surprises, including chocolate ganach pecan salted caramel cake, sweet potato pie, and mini mousse turkey petit fours.

To place an order give us a call soon at 316-684-5662

Happy Thanksgiving!,,

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