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Margaritas & Mojitos

Event date July 23, 2021

For the Margaritas & Mojitos event hosted by Festive ICT at Naftzger Park, our bartender, Ivan, worked relentlessly to handcraft two drinks. Ivan created a Smoked Tamarind Mangorita, which included the perfect balance of mango pulp and a fragrant citrus fruit called citron. His Coco Bamboo Mojito was a refreshing taste of sugar cane & coconut water topped with butterfly pea tea to tie it all together. Each drink was garnished with fresh ingredients to add flavor and appeal.

Leading up to the event, Ivan made many trial drinks to perfect the flavors. All of the restaurant staff was involved in testing and suggesting ideas. Whenever we have a new special we like to work as a team to get everybody's opinion. This is what makes our group so fun to be involved in. There is always something unique to try.

Our line seemed never-ending so if you didn’t get the chance to try the drinks, join us for another cocktail at Two Olives Restaurant and Bar. Our team is always creating drink specials that are unique, tasty, and photo-worthy.

Congrats to all the other competing restaurants and bars. Each vendor provided a wide variety of flavors. It is always a blast to come together as a community to provide Wichita with unique events like this one.


Day of event photos taken by Jacob Clark

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