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Experience Mezze at Two Olives

Imagine you are surrounded with family and friends, sitting around a large, cozy table. Their laughter and stories float around the air like its own sweet music. The Mediterranean Sea is glowing gently in the sunset. In front of you is a spread of small plates filled with sumptuous foods, stimulating your appetite, to be shared amongst the table, making up an entire meal by nights end. Your only thoughts are of the present, truly taking a break from life. You are genuinely enjoying this time spent with those you love, not leaving a single conversation lingering at the table. This is Mezze, a Mediterranean tradition of sharing and enjoying genuine food with great people.

Two Olives believes this is more than a dining experience, it is a lifestyle. Several delicious dishes are presented at your table, each one expertly and consistently prepared just for you. Velvety hummus, tangy tabouli, savory kibbe, rolled grape leaves, and more. The variety offered is plentiful, you could order a completely vegan Mezze or add in some lamb kefta or kibbe nayah. Our custom menu allows our sister chefs to express their creativity through flavors, while selecting carefully sourced ingredients, just the way our ancestors taught us. The options you are presented are plentiful, taking you on a cultural dining experience across the Mediterranean. There is an extensive wine and cocktail menu that pairs nicely with the spread, along with an array of seasonal and select beers on tap.

The cozy ambiance of Two Olives, with its warm and welcoming staff, fine service, comfortable lighting, and gentle music, will put you in the mood for a wonderful Mezze meal. We welcome you to experience this style of dining, with our new, authentic, mezze-inspired menu. Grab your loved ones, come join the table, and be part of the family.

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