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Bagatelle Valentine's Dessert...C'est La Vie

A popular legend tells the tale that St. Valentine went against his emperor’s orders and secretly married couples to save the husbands from war, hence the reason his feast day is associated with love.

Valentine’s Day allows us to express our affection to those we love with special greetings and gifts, most popular are sweets and desserts. This is our favorite holiday, as it sets the stage for us to put on a performance. We are proud to unveil this year's holiday menu, filled with our favorite desserts for you to enjoy and share with those you love; featuring creative new desserts and enduring favorites, such as our famous heart-shaped strawberry chantilly cake, individual Valentine’s swans, or tiramisu heart cake.

The most common Italian dessert around the world is tiramisu, and its unique history makes it the perfect Valentine’s day treat. History dates back to the 16th century in France during the Renaissance, where Venetians would enjoy tiramisu with their lovers in the evening for more energy. It is commonly referred to as the “pick me up” treat!

Our most popular specialty cake is our famous strawberry-chantilly cream cake, with three layers of vanilla sponge cake, layered with flavored Chantilly cream. This deliciously creamy cake is light, yet luscious, and the perfect amount of moist to melt quickly in your mouth. Topped with the freshest strawberries, served heart shaped, this is the ideal cake to share with those you love.

We are featuring some exciting new Valentine's desserts this year, with two stunning 10 inch cakes; a chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake with chocolate dipped strawberries, and a raspberry champagne cake. We also have new mini 3" in cakes for tiramisu, cheesecake, and chocolate flourless.

The only thing we’re more passionate about than our baked goods is sharing them with our community. Our savory Valentine’s menu is sure to warm the hearts of those you love! Show that special someone they deserve more than just a box of chocolate, with a delicious-made-from scratch Valentine goodie. Please call 316-684-5662 to place your special order. We graciously ask you give us 24-hour advance order.

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