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Benefit for Beirut @ Two Olives

Benefit for Beirut | Take Out Lebanese Family Meals & Benefit Brunch

September 12 – 13th, 2020 | Sponsored by Two Olives

Dine With Us & Make A Difference

One of the oldest most beautiful cities in the world was devastated on August 4th. We have chosen to support an amazing non-profit, community based, NGO which provides food and medical supplies directly to the people and communities of Beirut, Lebanon. (Learn more here)

Order a Take Out Lebanese Family Meal through this Saturday, September 12th or join us for a special Lebanese Sunday Brunch on September 13th to help support the people and communities working to rebuild in Beirut. We have put together our most popular Lebanese dishes into 3 To-Go Family Meals, including a vegan option. Family Meal ordering is available from Tuesday, September 8 until Friday, September 11. Ready with 12 hour notice. Pick-up available until 7 pm on Saturday, September 12.


Our Benefit Brunch on Sunday will be Lebanese inspired, including entree highlights such as Prime Rib with Au jus Horsradish, Wild Cod with Lemon Butter Sauce, Lebanese Frittata made with Zucchini, Potato, and Hashwa, our popular Baked Kibbi, and Rice & Hashwa with Roasted Chicken, Sumac Onion, and Kloubeit. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A RESERVATION FOR THE SEPTEMBER 13TH BENEFIT BRUNCH

50% of all proceeds from these efforts will be donated and we greatly appreciate each and every customer willing to help make a difference.

A letter from our restaurant Owners & Chefs, Joumana & Randa Toubia:

In this photo (middle image in graphic above), I traced my cousin Siham Toubia, a volunteer architect (3rd from the left) along with peers or strangers at work. Our hearts swell with grief, being so distant yet feeling the weight of our tragedy struck family and friends. With this minute effort, we hope to make a difference however small or significant to the people in need of help. Once again, we witness a tight community and the Lebanese people rise up, dust themselves off, get to work, repairing, rebuilding, and restoring our beautiful city. With hope and immense love to all who are trying to bring normalcy to the well-deserving people of Lebanon.
Love, Hope, and Peace,
Joumana & Randa Toubia

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