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Ancient Holiday Recipes Baked at Bagatelle

At Bagatelle, tis the season for celebrating a tradition that spans the globe and the course of human history – Baking!

Our Holiday Menu celebrates ancient holiday recipes that make this truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Buche de Noel Yule Logs – a traditional European Christmas dessert, decorated to resemble an actual Yule log. The history of the Yule log cake stretches all the way back to Europe’s Iron Age, when people would feast to celebrate the end of the winter season. The Yule log developed as a Christmas tradition in medieval times. Today, as described by a wonderful article by Denise Neil, “Yule logs are one of the most cherished Christmas dessert traditions in countries like France, Belgium and Lebanon, and Wichita’s two French bakeries”.

StollenThe Culinary Institute of America describes Christmas stollen, known in Germany as Christollen, as “a rich, dense, sweet bread filled with dried fruit, candied citrus peel, marzipan, and nuts. It hails from the city of Dresden, Germany, where it was first produced in the late 1500s. Stollen is enjoyed throughout the year, but at the holidays, it is loaded with more fruits and nuts, items that were historically only available through importation from Italy, and therefore very expensive.”

Fruit Cake – Our two-pound Fruitcake is made with traditional ingredients of candied fruit, nuts, and spices, and soaked in spirits and festively decorated. The history of fruitcake goes all the way back to ancient Rome. A recipe from 2000 years ago had a “mishmash of barley, pomegranate seeds, nuts and raisins. The modern fruitcake can be traced back to the Middle Ages as dried fruits became more widely available and fruited breads entered Western European cuisine.” – The Smithsonian

Challah Bread – The term “challah” is applied more widely to mean any bread used in Jewish rituals. This egg bread is shiny, and slightly sweet. Bagatelle follows the ancient tradition of preparing spiral challah loaves with honey and raisons to symbolically bring joy and happiness.

Panettone - is an Italian yeast-leavened cake, most famous during Christmas season. The origins of this cake appear to be ancient, dating back when ancient Romans baked leavened cake sweetened with honey. According to Italy Magazine, “this staple of Italian festivities dates back as far as the Middle Ages when to celebrate Christmas, people would replace their daily bread with a richer recipe.”

Full Bagatelle Holiday Menu

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